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The Postal Health Mutuality

The National Postal Administration's staff is grouped within an association dedicated to the self assistance and solidarity named : " POSTAL HEALTH MUTUALITY " .

The main objectives of the mutuality are :
- the assistance to HIV/AIDS affected persons by allowing them the access to ARV
- the assistance to orphans
- the contributive and participative solidarity towards the members in need…

The mutuality intends to make partnership agreements with the associations fighting AIDS, experts for counselling and psychosocial assistance for HIV/AIDS affected persons.

It will also establish cooperation relationships with similar associations in other postal administrations in the world for the exchange of experiences in the fight against AIDS and the assistance to the sick persons.

This cooperation action will be directed primarily towards the postal administrations of dvelopped countries such as LA POSTE in France, De poste in Belgium, the Canada Post International, the Deutsche post in Germany etc. and later on to other postal administrations in Africa.

Together we can save human lives

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