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Board of Directors

The Board of the Postal Administration is composed of six directors::
- Five representatives of the State, among them the Managing Director of the Postal Administration.
- A representative of the Postal Admnistration staff. They are appointed by decree upon proposal by the Minister in charge of Posts.

The following are the current members of the Board since April 25th 2007.
- Mr Polydor NDAYIRORERE, Chairman
- Mr Frédéric BIZIMANA, Deputy-Chairman,
- Mr Gilbert BARANYIZIGIYE, Secretary,
- Mme Chantal KEZA, Member,
- Mme Pascaline BIDUDA, Member,
- Mr MUNDANIKURE J.Marie, Member.

According to the guidelines from the Minister in charge of the Posts, the Board of directors has all necessary powers to assist the Postal Administration in the achievement of its objectives by:

a) determining actions and orientations of the Postal Administration;

b) establishing the general organisation of the Postal Administration and the procedures and policies manual ;

c) deciding on :
- the investment programmes and the renewal of equipments
- the general operating programmes and the extension of the postal network
- the projects of new postal regulations and operations manual
- the change in postal tariffs
- the conditions for investing the CCP funds.

d)It adopts the status of the staff, the recruitment procedures, and the salaries of the Postal Administration staff.

e) Establishes the Financial and Accounting Procedures Manual to be approved by the Minister in charge of the Posts.

f) Analyses and gives its advices on:
- periodic reports and the annual report of the Postal Administration ;
- the loss and profits account and other financial statements of the Postal Administration;
- the budget and the budget monitoring of the Postal Administration ;
- the commitments in public tenders according to the regulations.

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